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How to get a free ‘’ domain in Nepal?

Usually, We have to buy domains in order to get them for our website. Buying a .com domain costs around 15$ and higher ,which is pretty expensive if you are  just a beginneer and want to  make a website for personal usage. So,I am going to show you a site where you can get domain for free.

Free !!  Yes you read it write Mercantile Communications Pvt Ltd,Nepal provides a free domain for  Nepalese citizens.

So follow the link and get started…

Fill the required information (Real information)

Select ‘’ from the list of domains and give it a name (Remember you can only give it a name which is a subset of  your full name that is in your provided verification certificate)

for example:

full name : upendra gautam

possible domain names: ,, etc.

In the primary and secondary nameserver

Primary nameserver-

Secondary nameserver-

(Nameserver is the server address of the host ,for an example i am using freehostia.You can change it later too)


You also need to upload one of the following documents for verification

  • A scanned copy of both sides of the applicant’s citizenship certificate or passport or driving license or voter’s card, or
  •  NRN ID Card for Non-Resident-Nepalese, or
  • Nepalese resident visa for foreign nationals.

After you complete the registration , it will take few days to get your application approved.

You will receive an email after approval.











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  1. Prem

    not able to register domain . help me man 🙂

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